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simple church | simply christ

a SIMPLE CHURCH is about four things 

We believe that the inspired word of God is without error in everything it teaches and is the supreme rule authority for faith and practice and contains all truth either explicitly or implicitly necessary for our salvation and spiritual life. So, we are committed to its faithful and accurate interpretation and presentation in everything we preach, teach and apply. 


We believe that worship is first and foremost a lifestyle of expressing God’s worth in how we live. As those created in God’s image, we assign the highest value to our creator and worship God alone through Jesus Christ. We also see worship as a corporate event where we gather together as a family of faith to praise and glorify our Triune God, as prescribed in the scriptures, through the singing and preaching of the word, through prayer and the regular observance of the Lord’s supper and baptism. 

worship minded

We believe that prayer is the language of grace and the means by which we have a personal relationship with God. Prayer is the practice of being in God’s presence. It’s where pride is abandoned, adoration is lifted, confessions are made and requests are presented. It’s where we humble ourselves and claim dependence upon God. We believe prayer powerfully and effectively changes things so we are committed to praying both as individuals and as a church.


We believe that the church is a family of faith located in a larger community without faith and therefore, has obligations and opportunities to both. We are committed to equip our own people to make disciples, through Christian education, fellowship, service and outreach. We are committed to be a blessing and resource to the wider community around us, reflecting Christ through service and outreach that many may not only see Christ in us but embrace Him as their Lord and Savior. 


a SIMPLy christ CHURCH is about one thing 

As a Simply Christ church, we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, fully God and fully man and that salvation is through Him alone, by faith alone, through grace alone. Apart from Him there is no salvation. We also believe that Christ is the head of His church and so as professing believers and as a particular church, in everything we think, say and do we do so to magnify and glorify Jesus Christ and build his church.

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