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As a SIMPLE CHURCH these are our Core Values 

Connecting people to Jesus is what we are all about. He is the answer to everything that we seek in life. This is true for both seekers and believers. Christ Jesus is who we worship, who we follow, and who we want to be like. We believe that spiritual maturity is growing in the understanding that there is nothing good that we can do without Jesus.

Christ centered

We believe God's thoughts and ways are perfect and far superior to ours in wisdom, love, and beauty. For this reason, we look to The Word of God for truth. Because of what He has done in Jesus, we trust His word as our authority in life. In the Bible, we find more freedom, fulfillment, and lasting peace than if we depend on our own blind perspectives. 

Biblically Based

We are a community. There is no “them” in our faith community. There is only “us”, sinners who are saved by grace. The gospel unifies us. Our unity and freedom in Christ empowers us to care for each other without embarrassment or fear. We are here to love Dyersburg, humbly share The Good News of Jesus, work for the good of our neighbor, and offer kindness to all.


Jesus invites all of us to come to him and find rest for our souls. We expect to interact with the living God and find true rest when we worship together. Rest from the chaos and brokenness in us and around us by focusing our mind, heart, and soul on Christ. God has promised to heal us through the work of the Holy Spirit. We are not perfect, by any means, but we believe the Holy Spirit will form us into the family of God. We invite you to join us.

Rest Seeking

Who we are as a church is deeply rooted in history. Our founding goes back to the Protestant Reformation. The way we communicate what we believe is found in historical documents called Creeds and Confessions. We value these documents because they connect us to other churches across time and place. We believe that the Church and the Christian faith are bigger than just our local gathering. We are a part of the Presbyterian Church in America and our doctrinal statement is called The Westminster Confession of Faith.

Historically Rooted

a SIMPLy christ CHURCH is about one thing 

As a Simply Christ church, we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, fully God and fully man and that salvation is through Him alone, by faith alone, through grace alone. Apart from Him there is no salvation. We also believe that Christ is the head of His church and so as professing believers and as a particular church, in everything we think, say and do we do so to magnify and glorify Jesus Christ and build his church.

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