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Oftentimes, we come to church and Christianity with a lot of questions. We want to know who we are, what our purpose is here on earth, what does it mean to be a spouse, a parent, an employer or employee? What is the mission of the church? What role do I play in it? These are all great questions and they are questions that we find answers for in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. 


In this letter, Paul writes to a church that is struggling with their identity. He divides the letter into two big ideas:What The Triune God has done for us and Who we are in light of that reality.  Each week in our study of Ephesians, we are going to seek to answer all these questions of hope, identity, and security. We hope to unpack who the church is and how we are to live in light of that truth. We hope you’ll join us.



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