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Meet the Real Jesus

In our world, Jesus is often used for all sorts of platforms and ideas. Jesus would vote this way! Jesus cares about this social cause! He is used as a trump card for everyone's opinion or interests. 

Countless articles, social posts, documentaries, books, movies, and TV shows reshape Jesus into whatever we need Him to be. But, who is this Jesus? Where can we go to Meet The Real Jesus? 

The Gospel of John gives a first-hand account of who Jesus really is. John was one of His disciples and walked with Jesus throughout His entire ministry. John had a front-row seat to it all. 

Join us as we go to the primary source, The Scriptures, to find out who Jesus is and make a judgment for yourself. Each week we will be walking through the Gospel of John, hearing the story of his life, witnessing His ministry, and finding out what Jesus said, taught, and who He claimed to be. We hope that you will leave each week with a better picture of who Jesus is and that it will change your life forever. 

Meet the Real Jesus

Reverend Gage Jordan preaching

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